I am a hobbyist programmer who jumped in when Delphi 3 was released in 1987. I progressed to Delphi 7 when it was released a couple of years later but eighteen years on I remain wedded to Delphi 7!

I have created many applications over that time, lots posted as FREEWARE on the internet. Some have been taken up but most not! It doesn't worry me but I do like to get constructive comment, for or against.

I have a particular interest in graphic applications. Though Delphi is probably not the best option, it is what I know and am comfortable with - I'm pushing 77 years old and way past trying something new!

There are no links to my software on this page. If you did accidentally find your way here or you are looking for links to interesting software, I suggest you go to majorgeeks.com, freewarefiles.com, softpedia.com, famouswhy.com, downloadone4all.com etc or just Google an application name for other sites where you can find them.

If you have a question or comment about any of my software, please email me and I will get back to you straight away. If you want to point out that this page doesn't have links, is pretty stupid, is rubbish, doesn't have flash or offends you in any other way, don't bother, I've already been told!

EMAIL me here if you have a question

PS Don't forget to mention which application you are referring to